Top 10 useful moving tips

10 Tips for Your Next Move

  1. Plan your move like you would plan a project, include dates to pack, move, and unpack. Write it all down and post it on your refrigerator or near your calendar as a reference.

  1. Start packing weeks out. Procrastination is not your friend. Go to your nearest packing store or Adrian Moving Systems and purchase the proper packing supplies.

  1. When packing don't make any one box too heavy. You'll regret it later.

  1. When protecting your delicate or fragile items buy the appropriate packing material for each one. As much fun as bubble wrap is to play with it is not appropriate for every item. Pianos, for example, require blankets and piano boards instead.

  1. If you have pets think ahead. What will you do with the litter box during the move? It will probably need to be one of the first items unpacked.

  1. Appliances are seldom thought about when it comes to moving. If they are going with you then you will want to clean and defrost them in advance.

  1. Don't forget to pack overnight bags with at least enough essentials for two days.

  1. Create a last minute checklist and use it. You will want to remind yourself about utilities, keys, any notes, etc.

  1. Purchase clothing bags. The last thing you want is to re-iron everything in your closet.

  1. Of course we want to mention here that you can alleviate your pain and stress by hiring Adrian Moving Systems to plan and execute your entire move for you. Remember, we all have buddies who swear they will help us move. Eighty percent of them will have something else to do that day.