Safe ways to moving a Piano

If there is one thingATMS Moving Systems knows, it is piano moving. Not every moving company has the ability to move large and fragile items such as pianos. Pianos rank as one of a family's most prized possessions and as such we put special care into how we treat this beautiful item. We understand that a piano is not just an instrument; it is also a piece of art and should be treated and moved as such.

The most important part of the job is packing the piano. We wrap the piano in a series of pads and blankets so that the wood isn't scuffed or scratched along the way. Our moving experts ensure that your piano is devoid of scuffs, nicks, or scratches by carefully planning the move in advance and avoiding damaging bumps and scrapes that might occur along the way.

We utilize special piano dollies and piano boards to support the heavy weight of the piano. When you hire ATMS Moving Systems to move your piano you are getting licensed professionals who understand how to move large objects and how to protect the inner workings of delicate instruments.

ATMS Moving Systems has over twenty years experience with piano moving and will stake his reputation on the safe and competent handling and transport of your piano.